SMCBS 2017
Institute of Physical Chemistry Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw
About workshop
Interdisciplinary permeation of concepts between chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, microelectronics, and engineering has inspired important new ideas in several research fields including sensing and biosensing. For sensing, surfaces of solid substrates, used for constructing chemical or biochemical sensors, are modified to achieve selective or, in many cases, even specific analyte detection.

The use of sensor-based analytical procedures, originally focused on chemical and biochemical tests, is gaining increasing interest, among others, in environmental toxicity testing, ...
Żelechów Palace
The Żelechów Palace Spa & Wellness Centre is a conference SPA Hotel in the county of Mazowieckie, found just 87 km from Warsaw, Poland. Its uniqueness owes itself to its 18th century architecture and historical atmosphere with perfect modern fittings. Conference guests have access to all saunas and swimming pools available at the Wellness Centre.
November, 3 - 7 2017
We invite you to visit Poland at one of the most colorful moments of the year. The Golden Polish Autumn is the time where natural magic happens - all we need i just a bit of sunshine to make the world around us look differently.